Raiek’s ISU: Faster, Simpler, and Easier Descriptive of Nano Corruption.

A- Definition of Raiek / Transparent ISU:
Is the Faster, Simpler, and Easier Descriptive measurement of nano corruption, based on Axiomatic Contextual common sense experimental law, or baesd on contextual interest square Hayawic Form of any shown intereste. such Text, Image, Act, etc.

B-Procedures  of Raiek / Transparent ISU measurement  as  4 short steps / 4 questionable issues:

1- Is there any conflict : shown as Closed and the High tension,: such “kill”.
2- Is there any Negative : shown as blinded or deprive of clear sense to general public .
3- Is there any condemnation : shown as dangerous consequences built on non clear and acceptable standards to the general public.
4- Is there any corruption : shown as misleading ( intentional or unintentional )..

copyright notice: It may not be used without a license from the author

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